According to the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego, over 3 million people in the United States Suffer form Whiplash and related injuries each year. Among the most common symptoms of Whiplash and associated disorders are listed below.  If you suffer from any of the following symptoms then contact us today, we are a Whiplash and Spinal Rehabilitation Doctor on Cape Cod.

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Arms and shoulder pain
  • Numbness, tingling or weakness to neck, back or arms
  • Jaw Pain
  • Visual disturbances
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Emotional disturbances ( ie, severe mood swings)
  • Difficulty concentrating and memory problems.

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list above.

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident and suffer from any of the following, you should seek an evaluation by an experienced physician trained in the evaluation and treatment of these injuries. Research shows that these symptoms in some cases can become chronic and long-lasting without the proper and timely treatment intervention.

Dr. Joshua Lindauer, Cape Cod chiropractic physician, holds an advanced certification in Whiplash and Brain Injury traumatology from the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego.  He understands the importance of early intervention of these injuries to prevent chronic or future symptoms related to these injuries.  A comprehensive orthopedic and neurological evaluation will be performed at onset of care.  Occasionally, further diagnostic imaging studies may be necessary to determine the extent of underlying pathology.  If clinically warranted, Dr. Lindauer, DC will make the appropriate referrals to other medical specialist as medically appropriate.

Health First Rehab, INC offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of whiplash and associated disorders.  The chiropractic, massage therapy and physical rehabilitation team at Health First Rehab, INC will not perform any techniques that you are not comfortable with.  Specific treatment techniques and protocols will be discussed at length prior to implementation.




Individual treatment programs may include the following:

  • Low force and non-force chiropractic manipulative therapy as clinically appropriate.
  • Therapeutic massage therapy (link) ranging from light to deep tissue therapeutic myotherapy depending on your individual needs.  All massage treatments are performed by a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist.
  • Therapeutic stretching and progressive strengthening/stabilization exercises. 
  • Neuromuscular reeducation exercises:  these include specific  equipment and exercises for postural modification, kinesthetic awareness and proprioceptive enhancement.
  • Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy & laser therapy
  • Ancillary therapy modalities:  Electric stimulation, Ultrasound, kineseotaping, neutriceuticals for muscle relaxation and pain management.
  • Home management instructions:  such as positions of rest, ADL (activity of daily living) modification, use of heat/ice therapy, work restrictions/limitations,
    HEP (home exercise program), etc.

Patients are monitored closely through each phase of treatment to ensure optimal outcomes.  Reevaluations are performed regularly to ensure we are meeting our treatment goals.  Dr. Lindauer, DC will modify treatment protocols or make the proper referral to other medical specialists if a patient is not responding to conservative treatment interventions.

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